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Customer Service...hmmm

Yesterday I was getting ready to start a new project by ironing some fabric that I'd just washed.

Turn iron on...beep! Iron ready. Ironing...ironing...BEEP! Auto shut off. What!? Tip iron to get it to turn back on...nothing. Unplug. Plug back in. BEEP! Iron heating up again... BEEP! Hot enough...ironing, ironing...BEEP! Auto shut off. What the...? Turn off. Turn on...Beep! Heating up...ironing...iro... BEEP! Auto shut off. Grrrrrr...Off! On! BEEP! (hurry...hurry) ironing..i...BEEP! Auto shut off...AAAARRRRGH!!! This goes on for about 10 minutes. Then I do an auto clean and try again. Now it doesn't even heat all the way up before it shuts off again.

I've only had it about 6 months.
I don't have the receipt.
I go online to see if this model has a problem with the auto shut off. 
I go on the Black and Decker website and get the Customer Service number and I call in and talk to a guy named Frank.
Frank is a condescending twit. I ask if I can speak to someone else. He asks, "Why?"
I say, "I'm getting frustrated with the way you are handling this, I'd like to talk to someone else."
He puts me on hold.
I throw up my hands and put my iron back in its box with all the papers I can find and take it back to the store I bought it from and tell them my story and that I don't have a receipt.
She says, "Oh. Well then...would you like to just exchange it?"
"Uuuuuhh. Yeah!"
I go over to the irons and find the same one, carry them both back to the register and give her the old iron. Then I go to the store and get my grocery shopping done.
Go home.
Unload the groceries...then...I open the box to get out my new iron.

It's the old one.

I feel sooooooo stupid!
I gave her the wrong iron!
I go back to the store, explain everything to the new person who just came on shift. I get a new, new iron. Take it home. It IS the new iron. I plug it in and it works...so far. We'll see. I write the date on the box.

Things I have learned:
2. Don't bother with customer service. Just take it back to the store.
3. Mark the box before you take it back so you don't bring back the wrong box.
3. Don't buy Black and Decker.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 04:22 am (UTC)
WE ARE Sisters!!! Sorry my laughing picture isn't as good as Fizz's

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